Audiology News

April 26, 2021

Dr Cliff Opens New Clinic in Phoenix

Dr. Cliff Olson's, creator of the popular DrCliffAuD YouTube channel, recently opened a beautiful new office in Phoenix, Arizona. According to a recent press release, "I wanted to design one of the most modern and advanced hearing clinics in the country all while making it an unforgettable place to receive hearing treatment," says Dr. Cliff, AuD, "and I believe that's what we achieved." His Audiology clinic, Applied Hearing Solutions, was previously located north of Phoenix in Anthem. The new location is in North Phoenix, which gives many patients from around the Valley easier access to the clinic. 

According to YouTube, Dr. Olson's YouTube channel has 134k subscribers and over 21 million video views. Many of his videos are reviews of hearing products, but he also talks at length about Best Practices for Audiologists and the difference that a higher level of care can make on hearing aid outcomes.

Best Practices are a long list of Testing and Treatment procedures that have been identified to maximize patient outcomes with hearing aids. According to Dr. Cliff, "Less than 30% of hearing care providers follow Best Practices. Yet following Best Practices with extreme precision has been proven to consistently provide significantly better treatment outcomes for individuals who wear hearing aids."

Recently, the Audiologist has published regular videos with updates on the construction process of the new office. He's even included a clinic walk-through on his vlog

Here are some quick facts about Applied Hearing Solutions:
  • There are currently two Audiologists at the clinic, Dr. Cliff Olson and Dr. Bryce Altus
  • The Phoenix clinic specializes in hearing tests and hearing aid fittings
  • Applied Hearing Solutions is Dr. Cliff's first practice and was founded in May of 2017
  • Applied offers hearing aids from most of the main manufacturers, including Oticon, Signia, Phonak, Starkey, Resound and Widex. 

The new clinic can be found at:

Applied Hearing Solutions
4045 E Union Hills Dr Suite #128
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(602) 877-0000