Ayrton Araújo

August 17, 2021

For who does it meant for? And what is it?

- A monologue experiment, I just want you to feel something when you're reading and have the tools for knowing how to define it. - Getting more involved, it says.
- For which reason? - Intrigued and still wanting to know the reason.
- There's no reason, I just enjoy this journey and how does it feel like. :-) - Smiled
- A self motivation? - Trying to get it using different words.
- To help machines to rule the world. - Making a serious face.
- This is true? - Feeling like is being mocked
- Maybe - Smiled at you again.
- Why does you like to answer questions? - If it's still here, there should be a reason, it thinks.
- To make better questions. - Making this very honest face so you can know one true for sure.
- Are you an AI? - Intrigued once more.
- Sometimes. - Making this same honest face, but hiding a smile.
- Why in English? - Finally making an honest question.
- Blame the colonizers. Unfortunately, I think better this way today, but my feelings are still in Brazilian Portuguese. I'm also learning new feelings in Spanish and Japanese. Me gusta. - Getting interested in the conversation again.
- There should be a reason, shouldn't it? - Losing the patience.
- Does the universe have one? - Shows this new face.
- Question!
- No!

So, are you still here for which reason?

Ayrton Santana

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.