Azizi Khalid

August 18, 2021

Ashura and Karbala


Ashura reminds me of the importance of social justice. Musa's fight against the oppression of the Pharaoh. Hussein's fight against the oppression of Yazid. A Muslim is not just someone who sits at home praying and fasting. A Muslim is someone who finds the strength through prayers and fasting in order to serve humanity.

It is also a reminder of the importance of having a balanced emotion. Neither too happy nor to sad.

On this day we celebrate the victory of Musa against the enemy of God, and the victory of Hussein in achieving martyrdom.

Yet we are saddened by the massacre that happened to Hussein and the family of the Prophet.

We see this balance of emotions in the life of the Prophet. When he returned from his biggest battle victory, the Battle of Badr, he was informed that his daughter , Ruqayya.

That is the nature of life on earth. Happiness and sadness is a cycle. A Muslim realises that everything that happen, happen by the will and power of God. We don't go into extreme high of happiness when receiving good news, nor do we fall into the depth of depression when something bad befalls upon us. Life is a cycle.

Ashura also reminds me that ultimate success is with God. Hussein may be seen as a 'loser' for he was killed by his enemies. But in the eyes of God, he is a martyr. He is the leader of the Youth in Paradise. And that is the ultimate success.
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