Azizi Khalid

July 22, 2021

Iblees and us


Discussion with Sakeenah while driving to our campsite.

Sakeenah: Ayah (Dad), if Allah is so mighty, can He make Iblees become good?

Ayah: Yes, He can, if He wanted to.

Sakeenah: Then why doesn't He? 

Ayah: Do you remember when we talked about how life is a test? Allah created us to see who among us can do the best in life? 

Sakeenah: Yes! And if we pass the test, we get to go to Jannah. And we get to ask anything from Allah. Oh, I would love to have a unicorn in Jannah.

Ayah: You'll get one when you enter Jannah, Insha Allah. When you go to school, and you have a spelling test or math test, is the question hard or easy?

Sakeenah: Some are tricky, but some are easy.

Ayah: The tricky parts are what test you whether you've studied well or not. Right?

Sakeenah: Yes. If it is all easy, then everyone will pass. And we don't know whether everyone is really good at spelling or math.

Ayah: Exactly. So in this test called life, Iblees is the tricky part. To see who among us is going to pass. Are we going to listen to Allah or listen to Iblees. Just like your spelling test, some good things are easy to do, but some can be a bit hard. For instance, it is easy to smile, and smiling is charity. But is it easy to share your favourite toy?

Sakeenah: Not really.

Ayah: And Iblees will whisper into your heart telling you not to share.  Iblees will say to you not to be kind to others. He is making it even harder to share. But when you share, Allah will reward you. And you will soon realise that it is better to play together with a friend, isn't it?

Sakeenah: Yes. So Iblees is telling you to do the wrong thing, which will make you unhappy in this world and also in Akhirah?

Ayah: Exactly.

Sakeenah: So Allah makes Iblees to test us whether we will listen to Allah or Iblees. And if we listen to Allah, we will pass the test and get to enter Jannah. And when I get to Jannah, I will get my unicorn.

Ayah: Exactly! You are a clever girl, aren't you?

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