Azizi Khalid

April 7, 2021


Q: Azizi, how do I get my child to want to memorise the Quran?

A: Are you memorising Quran with your child?

Q: Am I not too old to memorise the Quran?

A: Is there a time limit to get connected to the Quran?

Many parents would love to have their children memorise the entire Quran. But are they memorising the Book themselves? And then they come up with the lamest excuse of all — I’m too old to memorise the Quran. Since when was the Quran for children only? 

Children will follow what you do, not what you say.

Lead by example. You may memorise slower, but do not stop just because you are slow. The aim is not to memorise the entire Quran - but to get intimate with the Word of God.

Memorise the Quran together with our children. Let our children know that the Quran relationship is life-long.

Make Quran part of your family activity. We eat together, we play together, and we read Quran together.

Azizi Khalid
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