Azizi Khalid

September 1, 2021


"Remember, a Believer should never be in a state of boredom. A state where we are just sitting idle doing nothing. Our responsibilities are much more than the time that we have," reminded one of my teachers in my late teens.

"If you are waiting for someone late, that is an opportunity to revise your Quran, do your dhikr, salawat on the Prophet, or read a book. There should never be a wasted moment of doing anything," he continued.

"Remember, one of the blessings that you will be held accountable for on the Day of Judgement is the time that you have in your hand; how did you spend it?"

I still remember this conversation I had in the '90s at a small town 33 km northwest of Kuala Lumpur like it was yesterday. Those were the days before iPhone. I would always take a small Quran with index and glossary wherever I go (so that I can carry without wudhu'), and if the situation permits, a book. 

The iPhone officially killed boredom in 2007. There are 1001 different ways to entertain ourselves when we are bored, and then some. Nevertheless, we are still accountable for our time. How are we spending it? Are we mindlessly scrolling to keep up with the Joneses? Or do we use our smart devices in ways that will benefit us in this world and the hereafter?

P.s: One of the ways I utilise my time while waiting for something/someone is to write the Quran from memory. I get to revise the Quran without attracting undue attraction while I’m at a cafe.

Azizi Khalid
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