Ben Norris

March 12, 2021

#3: Toddler tantrums

It has been an interesting experience lately to watch our youngest start to become award of her emotions. Up until a certain age, almost any emotion triggers crying, and that’s about it.

But as of late, when she gets mad, she gets really mad. The thing that is bizarre to me is when she starts to bang her head on the floor. I understand the desire and the instinct. And to me as a parent, it’s hard for me to not laugh, partly because she looks so cute.


One of the most instructive parts of her behavior is that it continues to repeat. It must hurt, right? But she continues to do it. I can only conclude that her memory for pain is extremely short lived.

That is something we can all learn from. Too often, negative experiences turn into fears that stick with us. We would do well to shrug them off and go into the next situation as if the previous never even occurred.