Ben Sinclair

January 2, 2023

2023, a year to be intentional

Below are some areas I want to be very intentional in throughout 2023.

With my faith... I want to grow in my relationship with God and spend time with him daily. I want to be closer to him in a year than I am now.

With my wife... I want to prioritise date nights, have getaways without the kids and support her better in parenting and her personal projects. I want to be closer to her in a year than I am now.

With my kids... I want to be open to trying new things with them and get out of my comfort zone. I want to give them my full attention and share experiences to remember. I want to be closer to them in a year than I am now.

With myself... I want to ensure I fill myself up by doing things I enjoy. I want to go easy on myself when I'm not at 100% capacity. I want to get out of my comfort zone and try things to see if I enjoy the experience. I want to be health conscious, make good choices when eating and exercise 5 days a week.

With my finances... I want to become more sophisticated in investing and managing my finances. I want to be a good steward and continue to give so that money doesn't become an idol in my life.

With my family... I want to spend quality time with family and ensure the cousins get to interact plenty with my kids and form strong bonds.

With my friendships... I want to focus on the people who are there and care for me. I want to build better relationships with my kid's school friend's parents.

With my work... I want to grow, learn and be effective. I want to help grow Tithely and continue to bless the church.


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