Ben Sinclair

April 21, 2023

AI won't replace your job, people who use it will

I was playing with ChatGPT last night, and it was incredible what I could ask it to do, specifically around writing code. 

I asked it to write code in a certain way, and it did. I then asked it to change certain aspects of the code, and it did that also.

The experience was literally like me writing to an engineer and asking them to build some code and then tweak it. But instead of taking a human an hour, AI did it all in 3 minutes.

Now the code was by no means perfect, and it wasn't a simple copy and paste into some existing application, and away you go. However, it made me think about how humans will use the power of AI in the future. Remember, this level of AI is brand new. Imagine it in 5 or 10 years from now?

While I was giggling away at how awesome AI was at writing code, my wife, who is currently designing a house, was making some changes to a building design within a program called ArchiCad. I imagined rather than her shifting a wall by 20mm to the left, she could ask AI to do it for her. Rather than it taking her a couple of minutes, it would be done in a split second. 

This is the future. 

AI creates a world where everyday humans can go from being an employee to a manager. They "manage" AI to perform the work. It doesn't sound so crazy of an idea anymore.

This isn't a time to be fearful of being made redundant by AI. Instead, embrace AI and understand how it can make you a more efficient human in whatever you do in life. 

The world changed forever when Search Engines came into existence giving us all the information at our fingertips. AI takes that a step further by using that information to create.


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