Ben Sinclair

January 20, 2023

Do what you love and the money will follow

It has been my experience that money follows someone doing something they love. Another way to put is it doing something they are passionate about.

I'm sure the same can be true doing something one doesn't love, but I'm sure the enjoyment factor is much less. The focus is more on the money (end result) than the building (the journey). If all we are focusing on is the end result, the journey is wasted.

When I built my software business, I wasn't thinking about all the money I could make. I loved programming and I love the Christian church. So I wanted to build software that met both of those loves.

As a result I built a SaaS business, grew it to a couple of thousand customers and then sold it for millions of dollars. 

All I cared about during that time was the first part, building a SaaS business and the customers and money followed.

Build it and they will come.


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