Ben Sinclair

October 25, 2022

Encouragement goes a long way

No matter who you are, a leader, a peer, a follower, valuing someone by encouraging them is big. Whether you’re all in the same room, on the other side of the office or working remotely, it’s quite easy to fail to remember to encourage those around you.

Some people are just natural encouragers. Others, like me, not so much. Some people have to build this into their way of thinking.

It’s easy to get caught up with tasks

Especially in software engineering, people and teams work their butts off to create something. But when they’re done, it’s easy to be task-focused and move onto the next thing.

Stop. Reflect. Take a moment. Encourage that person or team about how good their work was and how much you value the time they’ve invested. Yes, they got paid, most likely, but people are so blessed when you show you appreciate them. People love to be recognized for their efforts.

Public encouragement is gold

If you have group meetings that you have a voice in, take a moment to highlight someone and say how great of a job they’ve been doing in front of everyone. It’s special. Those highlighted really appreciate it.

Encourage your leaders

Our leaders need encouragement too. Sure they might get it from their leaders. But why not tell them how much you appreciate them as your leader and thank them for giving you the opportunity?

Stand out from the crowd and encourage your leaders.

Be sincere

Make sure your encouragement is thoughtful, specific to an individual or team and not something generic.

It’s easy to say “you’ve done a great job”. How about going a little deeper with why they did a great job?

Encouragement can be hard

Looking someone in the eye and saying something nice about them can be challenging. It can feel a bit awkward and fake at first. I’ve struggled with this in the past.

Just be sincere and take your time. Don’t expect your encouragement attempts to be perfect from the outset. Just step out, give it a shot and then keep on trying.

Practice makes perfect.

Time to reflect

  • When was the last time you encouraged someone?
  • Are your encouragements personal and sincere?
  • Who around you do you think deserves some encouragement?

Don’t just leave it to the workspace. Your spouse, partner, children, family, and friends all need to hear how much you care for and value them.

Let me encourage you to encourage someone today 🤩

Originally posted Dec 3, 2019.

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