Ben Sinclair

December 6, 2022

Giving is a gift

As a Christian, we are required to give. God gave so much to us, how could we not?

I gave away something today to a complete stranger and boy did it make me feel good. 

I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman in line to receive a gift card. I asked him how it worked and he told me if someone spends over a certain amount at the shopping centre we were at, they got to spin a wheel and win a gift card varying from $10-$150.

He was a retired man, full of joy and was telling me how much he loved maths and how he'd buy gift cards when they are 10% off. He showed me the stack of gift cards in his wallet. 

After hearing about his lawn mower and pacemaker, I felt in my spirit to give him the gift card I was about to receive. 

When I gave it to him, his response was "But you don't even know me!" I had to convince him a couple of times to take it! Eventually, he did, he told me his name, which was Graeme, shook my hand and off I went.

This has nothing to do with "look how amazing I am", in fact, it cost me nothing to give him this voucher. I only missed out on gaining something. The main point of this writing is to remind me (and maybe you reading) to keep giving and take opportunities to give in person and bless some random individual.

The saying that it is better to give than to receive is so true. Moments like this remind you of it.

Birthdays, Christmas even giving to a church or charity are great things. But there is a disconnect. When you get a chance to give someone something in person, out of the blue and for nothing in return, it is so very much a buzz! 


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