Ben Sinclair

February 15, 2023

Increasing cashflow series: side hustles

This is the first post of a series I'm writing on increasing cashflow. The first topic I wish to cover are side hustles.

A side hustle can be anything (legal of course) that gets you paid on top of whatever other job or income you have paying you.
Side hustles can often turn into a business one day so it can be a great place to start if that is a path you might consider.
Some examples of side hustles I’ve seen:

  • Charge to take drone footage for people
  • Create a product and sell it at a local market (such as clothing, concrete pots)
  • Collecting payment for recycling bottles and cans
  • Using tools like Air Tasker to take on jobs within your scope of ability
  • Creating a YouTube channel that displays ads
  • Get paid to take online surveys
  • Take on personal clients outside of your work (for instance, if you work as a hairdresser you could take on personal clients at home if you are allowed that is) 

The possibilities are endless!

Finding a side hustle can be as simple as reviewing your skills, looking at what's in your hands or even doing some internet searching to find ideas. 

Invoicing and collecting payment can be done in cash otherwise there are tonnes of cheap apps to allow you to take payment by credit card.

Getting started is the hardest part so if you desire to increase your income, I encourage you to give it a try. You may try something and it doesn't work out. That's ok. Maybe try something else!


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