Ben Sinclair

February 3, 2023

On creating a business

Creating a business can sound scary and hard to an individual who has never done it before. As someone who has done it a few times now, I’d love to help expand your thinking. 

I like to think of a business as creating a solution to a problem. A business can be as simple as one person solving a group of people's problems. 
Think about what skills you possess. You likely have a skill in your possession that could solve a problem for a group of people.

If you don't have the skill you desire, why not take the time to develop that skill? That's what I did when I started learning how to write code when I was an early teenager.
Maybe another business out there is already solving the problem you want to also solve. Don't let that be an excuse to quit now. Who says you can’t come up with a better or unique way of solving the problem? What's stopping you from offering a better service?

I have some friends who own an eyelash boutique. There are plenty of those around. But what makes them unique is the experience they create for the customer. They are always thinking about little value adds that make the customer feel special without spending a lot of money.

Another example is when I was in my early teens, my dad and I mowed lawns. We had a lawn mower and a line trimmer. We walked the streets handing out leaflets offering our services. We weren't much different from the other companies. But what happened? We got work. We had a business. We were out in the hot sun mowing lawns and getting paid.

You're not going to be rich if you only work a job. What other income can you start creating today via a business?


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