Ben Sinclair

October 25, 2022

Share knowledge freely

I’m no night owl. I’m not really a morning person either. I love my sleep. I always have. When I cannot sleep, which is rare, it’s frustrating. Tonight is one of those nights.

The thing in my head

Tonight I was laying in bed contemplating how people or companies who share information freely are successful.

Not everyone is successful who does this, but it sure does seem to help.

Examples of sharing knowledge freely

I’ve been inspired of late by Jason Fried. I’ve read his book Remote and am well on my way through Rework. This guy and his co-founder built a massive company with no advertising. All they did was build great software and share their journey. I find that fascinating.

Companies like HubSpot use this sharing of knowledge to generate leads. Smart.

Take a plumber for example. If you are obtaining quotes for some work to be done, you’re going to trust the guy who is freely sharing their thoughts and advice about plumbing and your specific issue. This openness and transparency help build confidence in others.

So why is this all so important that I’m losing sleep?

I want to be someone who helps and encourages others. I can do this by sharing knowledge freely.

I’ve been the CTO at a company called for about 6 months now. We are a 100% remote company. We have 90 staff. We have people working in 4 countries and 3 continents. We have 5 software platforms run by different engineering teams. We are growing fast. I am learning a lot and enjoying every second!

So the thought that got me out of bed is “I want to share knowledge so I’m going to create a blog”.

My purpose is to share my knowledge with those starting a company, engineers, team leads, CTO’s, anyone who is interested in my journey.

Let’s see how this goes…

Originally posted Oct 24, 2019.

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