Ben Sinclair

January 24, 2023

Take action and ignore excuses

There are millions of great ideas in the world today. There are many problems that these same ideas could solve. But most of these ideas aren’t acted upon. 

It’s easy to find an excuse as to why you don't have enough time, talent or money to pursue an idea. 

If you want to become wealthy and you have an idea that solves a problem that could generate that wealth, why not pursue it?

When I was fed up with building software specifically for my local church, I had an attitude and was looking for an excuse to get out of it. My girlfriend at the time, now my wife, challenged my thinking. Years later, that idea made me wealthy.

Don't let excuses stop you. And as a bonus, have good people around you who challenge your thinking.


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Hey! I'm Ben. I’m a Christian (a child of God), husband, father, son, friend and I work at I'm passionate about Jesus, finance and technology. These writings are for me, however, maybe they’ll be interesting to others. Thanks for stopping by!