Ben Sinclair

October 28, 2022

Think like a human when you program your chat bot

We have an in-person all-in meeting here on the Gold Coast, Australia next month. We decided axe throwing could be fun (should I be nervous?) so I found a local place and wanted to contact them about a booking.

I wanted to book in a group of 11 and see if I could split the group in two so we could go with a specific package. Since this wasn't possible on their site, I needed to contact them.

They had a chat option so I figured I'd jump on and was greeted by a chat bot. Since my question wasn't simple, I typed "Can I speak to a human?" in the chat. 

The response from the bot was "I don't understand your request, try ask again."

I tried to ask another question using some keywords and this time I received some irrelevant articles. 

There was no option to talk to a person or even send a message for a human to respond to.

The lesson here is if you are going to offer a chat bot, go in as the owner and make sure that it will handle the different scenarios that your customers are going to come with. Not everyone is going to have a simple answer. And if someone asks something along the lines of wanting to talk to a human, at least point them to a contact form or phone number!


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