Ben Sinclair

October 30, 2022

Time preference

A concept that has really been solidified in my mind over the past couple of years is the idea of time preference.

As a millennial, it's obvious that my generation has a low-time preference. Delayed gratification is normally weeks or months instead of years or decades.

This idea is being fed even more as inflation runs rampant and the money in bank accounts are melting fast like ice cubes. There is an incentive to spend it before it's worth less.

Lowering ones time preference is to think long term.

I love how Saifedean Ammous relates the lowest form of time preference to parenting. "We can’t do what we want to do until we do what we have to do first."

Things don't fill the empty holes we have inside for long. Think long term. Take measured risks. Invest in your future in a smart way.

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