Ben Sinclair

November 18, 2022

Use good judgement

At the company I founded, before selling it in 2018, we had your typical employee handbook.

It had a section on policies and rules. Rather than a big list of dos and don'ts, it simply said that we don’t have any policies for social media or using your phone and so on. Instead, the one rule we had was to use good judgement.

I wanted to put it back onto employees, who were grown adults, to think about their actions.

It was a little risky because individuals have varying degrees of what they consider good judgement and sometimes they fall short of what I might have considered good judgement.

These can be great opportunities to train and grow people and help them develop as individuals. 

I think overall if you hire good people and allow them to have some autonomy and to make decisions, it can greatly improve their attitude towards the company and their work.


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