Ben Wilson, Author

August 21, 2023

A Classic Western Heartbeat for August

I'm back with another update, released about every six weeks. 

I read something this Summer that coaxed me to start watching classic westerns. Stepping back into the 1930s with classic westerns, I've discovered a treasure trove of inspiration. These films, raw and unrefined like home movies, carry a charm that echoes the spirit of self-publishing. In an era shaped by the Hay's Code, storytellers had to craft wholesome entertainment. This challenge resonates with me as I write my science fiction novels, seeking to blend excitement with values. It's a reminder that even within constraints, creativity thrives. It's an exciting trail, much like those dusty roads of the Wild West, leading me to new horizons in my writing.

But the journey doesn't end there.

Since April, my writing trail has taken an exciting turn, diverting to the new frontier of crafting my own word processor. This pioneering project has led me through valleys of bugs and peaks of progress. The deadline looms on October 8th as I aim to complete this tool tailored for fellow authors. With each new day comes progress refining the interface and streamlining the user experience. As the date approaches, my pulse quickens imagining the impact this will have on workflows for myself and peers.

As I immerse myself in both classic cinema and cutting-edge software development, I'm reminded of the timeless link between past and future. The pioneering spirit of those 1930s westerns finds a reflection in today's self-publishing world and in the innovative tech solutions we create.

Join me on this thrill ride as I continue to explore the landscapes of imagination--from the rugged terrains of the Wild West to the uncharted galaxies of sci-fi. And stay tuned for updates on the word processor, marking your calendars for an exciting new chapter in this venture!

Ben Wilson, Author

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