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April 15, 2024

Covering the Characters with a Frame.Work

As weekly updates go, this one might be lean. Not lean like last week, but lean as in fewer words. For a change. Maybe.

New Series Progress. Progress continues, though perhaps not the pace I would like. I have a 4+ page Treatment for the first novel, 1-page synopses of the other three. I'm putting the main character with a group of friends, so I have their characters all roughed out for the series, as well as the characters for the first book. However, I would like to spend more time developing their relationships. I would be pleased if I could start on the first scene this week.

I also mocked up covers for all five. Maybe I will keep them, or hire a cover artist. I'm rather fond of the artist I have. We shall see.

Bridging tech and fiction, I moved my tools off of my website to a GitHub site.

The Move from Apple. In March, I said I was going to go Apple-free for a month. Six weeks later, where am I on the journey? Well, last week I had a Framework computer delivered. Not particularly cheaper than the XPS was, but it boasts promise of modularity and upgradeability that I've not seen in a laptop yet. The question is whether a laptop would survive me long enough to need its guts swapped out. I upgraded to a 32" 4k monitor since I'm getting older. I still drive an iPad, but I see a Galaxy in my future.

Running Windows with WSL for Linux gave me everything I used Apple for. All the applications I relied on were not in Apple's walled garden. I gave my wife my Apple M1, so I've crossed the Rubicon. We just canceled our last subscription. I've not used WSL much as I hit a bit of a learning curve. But I am going to a conference in a few weeks, so I need to acclimate.

Moving from the XPS to the Framework was easier, not because it was Windows on Windows, but because I am relying on Dropbox and GitHub for storage, and I have a solid password manager.

How does Windows 11 compare to Apple's desktop? I've watched a few YouTubers who all assert that Apple is a "mid" experience. I get the same or better with Windows. Apple is not the premium brand it might have been under Jobs.

Ben Wilson, Author

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