B Hari

March 13, 2021

First flight after a year

I tool a flight to Coimbatore  from Kolkata yesterday . This travel is after a year. Covid had completely grounded most people and I had avoided any type of travel and had no inclination to travel since the lockdown was announced in March 2021. Had a board meeting from morning and it was pretty refreshing to hear from our Fund Managers that they have negotiated an exit for one of our portfolio company which will return the full capital and more to the investors and that the deal will get executed by March 2021.

I was very nervous about my travel. I received some Whatsapp messages that Red Alert was announced in Coimbatore just a day ago and all passengers were supposed to get a COVID test done before 72 hours of travel.

While checking in , I asked the travel desk if I needed to do any formalities before the flight. They said that I would be tested when I land in Coimbatore and all my details have been forwarded to the government agency .

The flight was full and I was feeling claustrophobic. Though I got my first shot of the vaccine early this month, I was warned that people who have taken both shots had also contracted COVID in some cases. As soon as I settled in my seat, I opened my iPad and started watching a movie that I downloaded just before I left home for the Airport.

The flight took  2 hours and 45 minutes . I just had a coffee on board and waited for the flight to land. Nervous about what would happen in the next few minutes , I entered the baggage collection area and was scanning to see where the testing centre was . After I collected my baggage , I started walking towards the exit , where I was checked for body temperature. I casually walked away from the exit and I was out in the Taxi bay. I just hailed a taxi and boarded it to my destination. That was it. Smooth and without any hindrance. 

When I landed , I saw that a twitter handle
Hey World Posts has been created for Hey blogs. I think it is pretty cool and gives me an opportunity to write with ease and add pictures or other links. I am sure a few more useful features will get added as we move along .

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