B Hari

March 20, 2021

Using clubhouse app for self enquiry

Who Am I ? ( naanyar.com) is a powerful tool to investigate our real nature . It is not meditation , but a technique which can make the mind quiescent and discover one's true nature which is beyond body and mind.

Science has always hit a boundary  , when it comes to spirituality. Evidence for any thing beyond space and time is a challenge which scientists and researchers have not been able to crack so far .

We have witnessed  several human beings who have been able to live a life beyond space and time as the oneness . Buddha & Christ are well known examples , but there are several people who have lived a life beyond space and time who are not as well known as Buddha or Christ.

When I downloaded the clubhouse app , I was overwhelmed with the amount of conversations that were happening in the clubhouse universe. It is  truly disruptive and it is continuously expanding. The total amount of words spoken every second is growing exponentially and does not show signs of flattening as more and more IOS users join the clubhouse community.

I chose to create a space of SILENCE in the clubhouse . I created a club called "WHO AM I ? ", where I sit in silence for 10 minutes twice a day . Sitting is silence for 10 minutes appears to be a simple but boring task in a community which is thriving with conversations of entrepreneurs , creators , achievers , millionaires and others.

Many people enter the room and run away in seconds , since they find it very uncomfortable where all that is present is you and silence. They are many who sit through 10 minutes and share their experience with others in the room.


I have found great joy and utility in the Who Am I ? Club . I make it a point to be in the room in time each day to investigate my true nature.

Try it once and get a feel of it.

Take care .


Simplicity with substance