Jon Bloor

October 4, 2023

How to Make Your Home Wifi Faster and Safer for Families

A quick post to share Cloudflare’s brilliant new(ish) DNS service

Don’t be scared by what I wrote! Cloudflare are a huge provider in the backbone of the internet, so when they get behind a product you can be sure it is serious and considered.

The guide on the link above is better and clearer than I could write, but be sure to follow the easy steps to speed up the network (everyone is on Zoom, Teams or Google Classroom lessons, right)?

You should also know that there are three settings;

  • / – Just faster, more private internet
  • / – Additionally blocks Malware too
  • / – As above, plus blocks Adult Content

Full instructions and explainations can be found on the page here – quick job.

It’s daft to say but it’s also worth making sure your router is

  • Not surrounded by other electronic devices or shut in cupboards etc
  • Rebooted roughly once a week, for at least 30 seconds.

Our router is both surrounded and tucked away, but we installed a Tenda mesh network around the house to mitigate that and solid walls, but that’s for another day! 

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