Boris Eetgerink

December 20, 2022

Simplify to become a more productive developer

It's easy to complicate things, but it's a lot harder to keep it simple...

  • Do you really need Angular or React or is a RESTful SPA good enough? Do you really need a SPA at all?

  • Do you really need MVC or is MVVM good enough?

  • Do you really need real time updates or is an update on a page refresh good enough? Then drop the web sockets already. An added benefit is that you don't disturb someone when they're in the middle of something.

  • Do you really need an extra layer or can you put the logic in the domain?

  • Do you really need to deviate from a pattern or standard or can you accommodate your implementation to comply? Every deviation requires additional documentation and eventually slows you down.

  • Do you really need to split your architecture up into (micro) services in advance or is the majestic monolith a better fit?

  • Do you really need to skimp on unit tests? Do yourself a favor and practice TDD for a more enjoyable development experience.

If you simplify and maintain rigorous standards while doing so, you can achieve so much more!

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