Bozhidar Batsov

August 30, 2022

HEY: Two Years Later

This July marked 2 years since I've started using HEY and I thought a short retrospective is now in order.

My usage of HEY has been close to none since I've discovered Fastmail last year, so I seriously pondered if I should cancel my account - after all at $120/year HEY is not exactly cheap. By now I've emulated almost everything I liked from HEY (e.g. Paper Trail, The Feed, The Screener) in Fastmail fairly well. Killing HEY was the logical thing to do... At the end, though, I decided to give it one more year, for three reasons:

- HEY keeps getting small improvements every now and then
- The service's manifesto and goals still resonate strongly with me and I'm curious to see where it will go
- I think HEY World is pretty cool (even if I rarely use it)

On the other hand - HEY is still a no-go when it comes to using it with multiple domains, third-party clients, etc. The fundamental problems that I've outlined in the past are still here and I guess they are never going away. Fastmail certainly fits my use-cases a lot better. And yet there's something cool and special about HEY. The rebellious spirit perhaps. The email industry needs a few rebels and  I remain rooting for HEY to succeed!