Brad Nolan

February 10, 2024

Destroy the competition

Let’s talk about competition in content.

The media business loves to use war terms. “Crush” “Decimate” “Attack” “Battle” it goes on and on. There’s one problem...

It's just content.

It’s true deaths have happened in the making of my beloved radio, but I would argue it’s precisely because of this external war mindset. The self fulfilling prophecy married to the undying ego of a seasoned marketer.

There is no winning. The listeners/viewers aren’t spoils of war. Humans consume what moves them and don’t play by your rules of engagement. They are barely thinking of you. Your job is to entertain them… who works for who?

I’ve had superiors ask weekly (sometimes more) for updates on the competition. No thank you. I simply don’t care what another show is, or is not, doing. It’s none of my business, and quite frankly, if people like it… great! Maybe people will like my thing too.

The real war in show building is within. Your enemy is you. The other show/account/creator doesn’t set your alarm clock, tell you what to say, or answer your listener’s emails. You do it. You do the countless other boring, difficult, and tedious tasks of building a show. You do it because you trust in your soul you’re doing the right thing. Don’t you dare discredit yourself, and your work, by blaming “the competition.” They can’t possibly have so much power over your product.

Enough justifying the hours spent looking into what anyone else is doing. Spend those hours working on what you can control - your show.

If you’re looking for someone to ”destroy,” use a mirror. Yesterday’s version of you - the one that grabbed a mocha instead of writing a great idea - is RIPE for the taking.

I’ve worked with countless personalities and producers. The ones who show up, focus, work through the break they wanted to take, and sleep the proper amount will always “win.”

I promise, when the download report, or the ratings, or the views come in… if you keep the war in your own house, you’ll move the front lines in your favor.

Good luck!

And if you want to read a book about it, read The War of Art. It’s good.

- Brad Nolan

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