Brian Austin

November 23, 2022

Breaking Social Media (or how I quit my job and became a chicken)

I've spent the better part of 2022 away from social media "breaking" news and I'm happier for it. In that light I'd like to share some of my favorite articles of the week, and how I found them. If you follow my weekly business notes you know that I always link the source and I'll attempt to do so here as well.

Here are a few cool finds this week:

‘Butterfly Bot’ is Fastest Swimming Soft Robot Yet 

Inspired by the biomechanics of the manta ray, researchers at North Carolina State University have developed an energy-efficient soft robot that can swim more than four times faster than previous swimming soft robots.

Multiomics Analysis Could Detect Cancer In Its Early Stages

Cancer is easier to treatwhen diagnosed early. Late-stage or metastatic cancers account for more than 55% of deaths over a five-year period but only 17% of new diagnoses.

The declining costs of DNA sequencing have catapulted liquid biopsy into clinical practice, particularly for more advanced cancers. Early-stage cancers account for less than 0.01% of DNA in the bloodstream and are obfuscated by large amounts of healthy DNA.

To circumvent this problem, cutting-edge labs are deploying “multiomics” analysis––combining information from multiple “omes” using machine learning techniques that can analyze genomics (DNA), transcriptomes (RNA), proteins (proteomics), and methylation (epigenomics).

Cheetos Releases Appliance for Grinding Up Their Snacks to Dust All Over Your Favorite Foods

The Cheetos Duster is being sold exclusively through Amazon while supplies last.

I Quit my Programmer Job to Become a Chicken

Quiet possibly the greatest Medium article ever written about programming.

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