Brian Austin

September 12, 2023

Does Moore's law apply to GPUs?

Blake Millard had this great point last week in his newsletter about the rate of technological adoption writing that "today’s technologies achieve scale in months and years while prior generations took decades." He included this chart from Goldman Sachs illustrating the point, but it also got my brain spinning.  
The often quoted "Moore's law" is paraphrased to say that computing power doubles every 2 years. This is based on the preposition that transistor density of CPUs double, but that trend has flattened. Instead, we're seeing a doubling of GPUs which underpins blockchain and AI.

Zoom out to and realize if these emerging technologies expand at this rate will empower a new set of disruptive services as impactful as the smart phone. The land line didn't fare well once wireless became mainstream, and portable networked super computers make PCs feel like dinosaurs.  
What will these new, more powerful GPUs enable... and more importantly what legacy technologies will they kill? 

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