Brian Austin

September 25, 2023

Emporos - Lighted Bag Project

I'm proud to share that I lead the team that built this integration between the Emporos and the lighted bag system.

In collaboration with Product, our engineering team designed, built, tested and delivered a brand-new cloud-based software integration platform to support this system.  We also worked with our partners to refine our onboarding and integration process to promote a collaborative and results-oriented approach that prioritizes customer value. 

The technology is not as cutting edge as AI or machine learning, but it provides critical optimization to pharmacy workflow and greatly improves efficiency. It is also meaningful work that aligns with the Emporos mission to make healthcare commerce safe and simple.

I'm proud of the team we've assembled and celebrate the impact that our talented developers, quality assurance and product members have delivered. We have created a platform that will accelerate future healthcare integrations and I am excited to see where our future partnerships take us.

For detail about the system check out my colleague Robert's blog post Your Lighted Bag Questions, Answered:

Lighted Bag Header.png

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