Brian Austin

November 20, 2022

Lies and Statistics

> The 1.3 million layoffs represents represent only about 0.9% of the 152 million employed during the period

Yes, and as I noted all tech jobs are around 20% of the economy if we are generous and include tech manufacturing and services.  Can tech stop navel-gazing for a minute?

> American workers are earning just 12 cents more now than in the 1970s, when adjusted for inflation, per CNBC. - @unusual_whales

Yeah dude, that's how inflation adjusted numbers work. The 12 cents is probably a rounding error. That said, the purchasing power of those wages tells a more interesting story.

> Twitter is going to blow up, Mastodon will replace it

BOGUS..  Twitter was broken in a lot of ways long before Elon bought it.  A crudely cobbling together a "webring" of  federated microblogs isn't going to fix it, or replace it. It's not accessible enough for the remaining 98% of the population to get on board. 

FUN FACT: Gen Z was never on Twitter.  They prefer YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Instagram and the much maligned TikTok. Platform growth comes from the youth.

PREDICTION :: Mastodon will become a home for aging Gen X and Millennial techies to reminisce about "the good old days" which weren't really that good, we've just glossed over all the horrible things that were a part of the early Internet. (and to attempt to right the wrongs)

That said, I'm on Mastodon.. reminiscing about the past. (

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