Brian Austin

January 10, 2023

New Year, New U 

2023 is Off to a Great Start Shark

If by great, you mean holy hell WHAT happened. The week between Christmas and New Year's was quiet... too quiet. I'm fairly certain someone uttered those words b/c on January 3rd the dam burst, and we all washed up on shore several miles down the river.


I wasn't alone, this deluge of chaos was confirmed by several folks I've chatted with. The COVID panic is over, everyone's 401k has taken a beating, businesses are closing early due to labor shortages, and a bunch of business types are screeching about recession. It's almost like we are desperately searching for the next big crisis, but not sure what it really is. 

I Don't Have Time for This 


I low-key don't have time for this political circus. I've largely removed all forms of political punditry from my diet and I'm happier for it. To some extent business and economic news IS political, but that's as deep as I'll venture into those waters. Otherwise, I don't rely on cable news "Hollywood Squares" or YouTube commentators to interpret the news for me. I took the red pill long ago... it was an Ibuprofen.


Doing My Own Thing 

Rather than worrying about whatever someone else tells me to worry about, I've been doing my own thing. Which, when you think about it, is the most Gen X thing I could do. As my children grow, I've begun to re-experience the Internet through their eyes. They don't understand what the Internet used to be, and I don't appreciate what it's become. I don't want to be a Twitch streamer and they don't want to read grandpa's blog post.

If five people read this, if one person clicks through on my business notes, if 40 people see my tweet I'll be happy. I don't want to be famous, I just want to share my experience and humor with a couple of people who get it. Lest this becomes a dumping ground for rejected Slack posts, or at the least a call to action to buy coffee from a robot in the San Francisco Airport, here's the plan:


The Plan 

I'm keeping the technical content, creating more technical and software developer articles. The world has changed so any plan that doesn't include video probably won't have much impact. My goal is to pass the love of software engineering on to the next generation because we are going to need them. My son, as no surprise to anyone, is following in my footsteps and is my B.S. meter


Likewise, I started business and productivity notes in the middle of 2022 as a test to see if I could support a weekly brain dump consistently. I can't, but I got pretty close. Again, my goal isn't to become famous or change the world. Also, again the world has changed and unless we adapt, we'll be left behind. Consider this my tips, tricks & hacks of how to get by in the modern Internet age. 

Wrapping Up 

Expect more content here as it is the glue between various social media platforms and the website. Subscribe to the Hey blog for ALL the latest updates. Keep an eye out on social media where I'll link articles, videos and demo projects that I think are relevant. If you are a salty old timer who still uses RSS please add those to your favorite aggregator.

'23 will be a wild year... let's strap those playing cards between the spokes and head out!


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