Brian Austin

September 1, 2023

Spotify's AI Driven DJ

Here's a fun one for the long weekend: Have you tried Spotify's new AI DJ?🎸  If you are a Premium subscriber tap play on the DJ card and the algorithm will curate a playlist.

Unlike the other smart playlist, the DJ will hand pick songs from your listening history and group them by theme (or vibe) and if you are not into it you can skip to a new set of 3-4 songs.

I've been using it for about a week and it's definitely a novel solution. I have a fairly eclectic taste in music and it does a nice job of both grouping the tracks but also transitioning between the themes. As a long time subscriber it also pulled up tracks that I listened to 6-8 years ago and made for a nice trip down memory lane.

IMO it's better than the smart shuffle "Enhanced playlist" feature which was already a lot better than other platforms. Pretty cool to see this very specific application of AI and machine learning. Worth a try!! 😎

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