Brian Austin

February 11, 2023

Superb Owl

Superb Owl


For me the Big Game is more about food, family and not yelling at the TV. It's less stressful when your team isn't playing, and you can appreciate the raw athleticism and cornball commercials. To be fair there have been some duds over the years and the quality of the commercials has declined along with the overall ad market. 

Regardless it's the last football of the season and for everyone except for Chiefs or Eagles fans it's time to rebuild for next year. I won't bore you with updates on the Carolina Panthers, but they seem to have finally made a turn in the right direction.  Oh well, everyone is next year's champion at least until the season starts. 


Stay Frosty

On the NHL side the Carolina Hurricanes are doing pretty well and I'm hopefully of a deep run into the playoffs. That aside, Carolina will also host the Stadium Series next Saturday at Carter-Finley Stadium. I secretly hope that some engineering student at NC State has built a freeze ray because it will be a miracle on ice if we can maintain a skating surface with a high temperature of 52 predicted. (The optimal temperature for NHL games is 17 degrees)

Hockey might seem like a norther sport, played on frozen ponds and lakes. But in truth it's a bunch of hot climate teams trying to keep the ice frozen as the Stanly Cup playoffs run into the summer months. All I can say is I wouldn't want to pay Tampa Bay's air conditioning bill. 


Rain or Shine, All Night Long

While I love spectating NFL and NHL for over half a year, I'm proud to say that I have followed motorsport for 12 months of the year.  F1 runs deep into November and the IMSA season starts in January.  December could be a vacation month if it weren't for winter testing and car shake downs. It's probably fitting that a sport that hosts multiple 24 hour races also have events 12 months out of the year.  

So, with that I wish you a happy Superb Owl, a cold February and long and prosperous season.

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