Brian Austin

November 26, 2022

Weekly Notes - 2022-W48

Three themes dominated the notes this week: Energy, Interest and Recession.

First I think it's important to note that everyone is trying to call bottom on the market because they want to buy in at the absolute low point. I think that's wrong because market timing is a gimmick. That said I do believe the old adage "buy low sell high" and why overpay for something just because of FOMO.

It can be a long and lonely road to wait for a stock to go up, it can be harder to buy into an oversold sector that as long underperformed. Waiting day after day for something to happen, but diversified stock portfolios rarely achieve massive gains overnight.

A strategy that has worked for me is to find great companies, with solid leadership, in a market sectors poised for growth. I rely heavily on books, newsletters and analysis from authors that I gladly pay for.  At the end of the day it's my call whether I buy or sell, and I encourage you to make your own decisions.

That said, if you aren't value shopping what are you waiting for?  Over the past 12 months I've cut losers, now I am buying winners (or at least companies I think will win). I will not, and do not intend this to be about stock picks. Individual stocks are a small portion of my holdings, most are in ETFs and funds.

Again, I encourage you to do your own research and perhaps spend a little less time arguing with strangers on the Internet and a little more time trying to improve the future for yourself and your family.

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