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December 2, 2022

Weekly Notes 2022-W49

Weekly Notes 2022-W49

Big take away this week was that more companies are using weakening business and labor conditions to claw back remote work from employees.  In my opinion this was always the plan.  If your company has not committed to a remote first culture, there is a high probability that you will find yourself back in the office full time by December 2023.

What can you do?  It's never too late, but you've probably missed your window.  At this point you need to focus on having a chair when the music stops. At best the next six to twelve months of hybrid work, or flex or 80% in person will buy you time to look elsewhere.  Keep in mind there will be many people in the same position, possible out of work completely.  Good luck out there!

Quote of the Week

There's no such thing as 'quality' time:
Time is time. 
In fact, as Jerry Seinfeld said, garbage time — eating cereal together late at night, laying around on the couch — is actually the best time.
Forget chasing HUGE experiences.
It’s all wonderful, if you so choose. - RyanHoliday

Why I love it? Its the stoic idea that Attitude Is Everything.  I can choose to be happy in this moment, with what I have.  But it does not mean I am lazy, nor that I avoid struggle.  But I embrace the opportunity. 

More for me, it also highlights that some of the best moments in our lives are the quiet times between the hustle and bustle. When we are eating cereal together late at night, without any purpose or motive. It is time that we simply exist, and we are content with that.

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