Bryan Fillmer

April 23, 2023

Boys & Bluegills

It was hot, but it had been a long winter and we were more grateful than annoyed.

“Dad, this is like an obstacle course!”

It is possible the boy has seen too many ninja warrior videos, likening our winding path through the cottonwoods to an athletic competition. It was a long winter; trapped inside, forgetting what it is like to find your own way to hidden water.

“Dad, isn’t this just like an obstacle course?”

Of course it is also possible that getting skunked so far has led the boy to enjoy clambering over trees and the winding route of the trail more than the fishing. It was a long winter and our casts look more like arcs than lines, and the fish seem to have noticed.

“Dad, can I fish your spot?”

At the end of the trail, which really was more of an obstacle course, a shimmering pond waited with a promising inlet. After a few casts the spot is relinquished to the boy, it was a long winter and it is enough to be out fishing.

“Dad, I got one! It’s huge! I caught the fish of the day!”

“Yes you did son, yes you did.”

About Bryan Fillmer

I am a father, husband, entrepreneur, and occasional fisherman.