Bryan Fillmer

August 6, 2023

On Reading

I have recently seen some content drifting around claiming that the best way to read, is to read fiction. The claim is that fiction will keep your interest, and thus you will be more likely to retain what you read.

This is a small over-simplification.

The real trick is to read stories.

The oldest stories, told around campfires, were hunting stories. While they were probably somewhat embellished, they were still non-fiction. The proof being in the food being eaten.

The embellishment, essentially the creation of the story, is the key. When a story is told the storyteller has synthesized the facts and created something new. This newness, the gaming industry knows this as "fresh content", is what our brains crave. This leads to better retention.

You probably remember Becky's story about dropping her food in the parking lot better than you remember the KPI's discussed in yesterday's weekly meeting.

Worry less about whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction. Instead find the good storytellers in the genres that interest you.

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