Sam DuRegger, Begin the work

December 11, 2022

Begin, Begun, Begin, Again.

Helping you begin and finish what you've begun, so you can begin, again.
What have I begun!?!

I’m currently focused on publishing projects through StoryBuild Publishing, a run of t-shirts, hats, and other swag with Lake Surf Co, and some podcasting with Begin the work! These projects are pushed forward in my spare time, in the margins of my family, work, and leisure time. 

As I push these brands forward, I'm looking to see what sticks, and what doesn’t… Begin the work, LLC, is a product incubator where the things I visualize on my cycling and swim workouts can find a tangible expression and potential market fit. The projects will be small run, small investment, with a small marketing budget, depending on word-of-mouth, more than digital ad spend.

What will be successful, will in a large part be determined by you… those who stumble onto my various websites or this blog via Hey, and end up supporting the work by purchasing the products, subscribing to the newsletters, and/or listening to the podcasts. In this particular time and place, there is more available to a creator than ever before -- publishing books, newsletters, videos, and producing tangible products from apparel to books. It’s an exciting time to be a builder! 

What I hope to will be a differentiator is a clear and concise brand story within niche product categories. At this point, we will put our $$ towards production, quality goods and content, not ads or boosts.

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It has begun,



Sam DuRegger
Begin the work, LLC