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January 12, 2023

Product Management

It's no surprise that what I focus on most is how to effectively manage the product life cycle from concept through design, development, and delivery.

Helping you begin, and finish what you've begun so you can begin, again. 

That's the whole mantra -- Begin, begun, begin, again. I've begun to unpack some of the philosophy behind my particular practice of product into a collection of essays for general consumption (which is slow going). The first essay is available on -- Life is not a marathon, which looks at product management as less than a race day slog or performance, and more of a way to approach consistent habits of delivery.

One of the ways I prep new product owners on our team is with a slide deck titled, The Roles of a Product Manager. You'll miss out on my color commentary, but I thought this presentation to be a good introduction to the practice of product.

The first section, "Four Roles of a Product Manager," introduces four functional roles Product Managers play within a team -- Business Owner, Design Led, Vision Holder, and Team Coordinator.

I introduce these concepts with an important caveat -- each Product Manager has a different requirement of what is needed, for instance, one team might require a high design-led mindset, while another position might require a Product Manager to be a strong business owner or dynamic team coordinator in their day-to-day functions. It's a sliding scale, but all Product Managers that work with me should understand and be competent in each of the roles, sliding their focus when the context of the product requires it.

Let me know if this helps your progress into product management and keep bugging me to complete the book, where I expand on the ideas introduced in this presentation.


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Sam DuRegger

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