Caley Jack Steward

May 22, 2021

Hey Siri, Make Me a Recipe App: Part I

I have been a big fan of recipe apps in the past. Over the years I have used BigOven, Allrecipes, Jamie Oliver's app, and many more forgettable ones. In time, each app’s shortcomings become too painful to bare. Whether it is ugly UI, bad UX, low quality recipes, or missing recipes for entire regions of the globe (after all, variety is ...
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March 21, 2021

Our AI Selfie Future

There are some things you will never see me do like posting selfies or tiktok-style lip sync videos on social networks. However I am about to do that right here but with a futurist AI twist. I had an iPhone X for the last three years but decided last year that the iPhone 12 Pro was a worthwhile upgrade simply for the cameras alone. The...
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