Cam Pak

November 17, 2022

My Physical Healing Journey with CellCore — Updating Periodically

I started a new medicine

And, that's nothing new. Oftentimes when facing hard health issues, hard medicines get thrown my way pretty easily to be the "solve" for the symptoms I've been facing. But… this time it's different. 

I've collaborated with my chiropractor and my primary care doctor to start this new medicine called CellCore.

"CellCore Biosciences promotes the body’s natural ability to detox through the utilization of Carbon Technology." (

For me, this is a four month program with four steps, called the Foundational Protocol. Luckily this is a more natural supplement versus some of the immune-suppressing medicines that I've been offered in the past from my Rheumatologist.

CleanShot 2022-11-17 at 05.06.14@2x.png

I have a close buddy who was bed-ridden and unable to work for at least a year or more. One day he learned about CellCore and started the medicine protocol. While it was taxing at times, and the first month or so was hard, things started to improve dramatically for him. He's now able to work full-time and has energy to spend with friends and family, a total miracle in his health.

God has used many people to point me towards this medicine protocol, so I'm excited to go on this journey.

How CellCore is Going

This will be a periodically updated post. If you want to gain a better perspective of my health journey, take a few minutes to read the How's My Health? post.

Step 0: Rules
  • Little to no caffeine and/or pain killers, allowing myself to feel the pain and signals my body is trying to tell me.
  • Never skipping a meal due to not being hungry from bloated stomach.
  • Be open and honest, rest when needed

Step 1: Energy Drainage
  • I can tell it's doing something to help heal my stomach and gut.
  • I've experienced the Herxheimer reactions, where it literally feels like I'm intoxicated (probs because toxins are being released, haha). Nothing to where it's unbearable. Instead, I just lay down when needed.
  • One day I did have a very clear mind and some energy, which was wonderful and freeing.
  • Fatigued a ton (doesn't mean it's from the medicine, but I can tell something's happening)
  • Experiencing some weird shocks throughout my body. Kinda like tiny pulses out of nowhere. Doesn't hurt, but worth noting.
  • Rapid heart rate at times, even without caffeine. Like 125bpm 😥. ← (I think this is an existing medicine I've been taking being weird with the CellCore stuff.)
  • Feeling a ton more clear-minded and calm, as I allow my body to rest when I don't feel well, versus pushing through and creating unstable conditions for my body.

…to be updated periodically

— from Cam Pak, a CellCore sojourner

About Cam Pak

My desire is to love God and love people without distraction, and help others do the same.

My beautiful wife, our doggos, and many of our friends and family enjoy life in Edmond, Oklahoma.