Cam Pak

November 11, 2022

New Phone or New Mindset? • 3 min read

This image of the Light Phone 2 came from The Verge.

I want a new phone

Sometimes my mind feels like it's been on a rollercoaster. Is that sometimes? It's oftentimes. Like there's so much noise or things to do that it becomes hard to focus. Oftentimes it's due to a lack of time and scrolling boundaries on my phone or computer.

Because of that, I want to switch from my iPhone SE 2 to a Light Phone 2 (LP2).

…but is a new phone the answer?

I have no clue, haha. Because of that, I have a few questions I found years ago that help when making a purchase. (And, I have no clue who curated the questions, but I'm thankful.) Let's dive in.

Answer these questions before making a purchase

  • Can I afford it?
  • How is my current (thing) holding up?
  • Is the difference worth it?
  • What deep need is this trying to meet?

Q: Can I afford a LP2?
Technically... I can find one on eBay for $150 or lower. I'd need to save 3 paycheck's worth of allowance. Or, I could trade my iPhone SE 2 for a LP2 and pay nothing.

Q: How is my current phone holding up?
Truthfully it's doing great and probably has many, many years ahead.

Q: Is the difference worth it?
I don't know. I tend to get very, very distracted by my computer and doom scroll on there. Would I then need to get a new e-ink, non-distracting computer? Haha. The different it offers is simplicity out of the box and no way to make it distracting.

That doesn't mean the LP2 won't be complicated. It's slower and doesn't support the many apps I use each day.

And, technically the iPhone SE 2 can be paired down and simplified in such a way where it works like a LP2. Then, I wouldn't lose iMessage, the Bible app, my home security alarm app, GroupMe. There are some apps that make my life easier, and on the other side of the token, there are many apps that make my life more noisy and difficult.

Is it worth switching? I don't know. I loved when I used my Nokia phone this year for a couple of months. I truthfully do not know if it's worth switching.

Q: What deep need is this trying to meet?
My personality type is ISFJ, and what I value is a "happy family, health, and spirituality" - In my mind, distractions tend to get in the way of the things I value most. I love my wife, my doggos, my friends, my faith, and want to have great health habits. 

The deep need is I long for deep connection and oftentimes feel like I miss it due to my ADHD coupled with a distracting device.

The verdict is…

No matter if I have the most simplified phone ever, I will still need to create habits and boundaries around other existing tech that would bring distractions in my life. 

I'd like to learn how to make my computer simple, mindful, yet still powerful. I'd like to learn to train myself to put the phone down and reach for it less. 

Find what you value most. Then, consider what gets in the way of that and how. Ruthlessly eliminate the unnecessary to focus on that which matters most.

— from Cam Pak, a mindful decision-maker

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My desire is to love God and love people without distraction, and help others do the same.

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