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December 8, 2022

The SERVE Method • 3 min read

Wanting more from your Quiet Times?

I used to think a Quiet Time with God was me just me reading the Bible. That's great on times where reading is calm and connects, but what if I'm reading through Leviticus about the priestly robe? I guess I could sum it up and say I didn't have a "good" Quiet Time.

No, a Quiet Time is spending time with God. Be with Him. He's far more than just intellect.

Go on a walk with Him. Listen for the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. Sing songs of praise to Him. Memorize Scripture. There are many ways to have a Quiet Time.

Here's a method/framework called the SERVE method that Hannah and I created for having a comprehensive and connected Quiet Time.

What's The SERVE Method?

Take as long as you'd like or as little time as you want. Start small. The goal is to just be present with the God who loves you, not check a box. Let's begin.

1. Surrender

Give anything and everything that's been on your mind over to God. Surrender it to the One who is in control and has the absolute best for you, even in the hard times.

2. Experience

Read or listen to a chapter of the Bible, listen to that faith podcast you've been meaning to listen to, or even hop into that topical Bible Plan on anxiety. Take some time to experience God's Word.

3. Reflect

Consider what you've just experienced. What did you learn about God? What did you learn about man? Anything jump out at you? How can you implement what you've learned?

4. Vocalize

Bring anything on your mind over to God, who is an amazing listener. He hears your prayers and answers. Then, pause and listen for Him to speak to your heart. Pause, and it's okay if you do not hear or feel anything. Finally, praise. Take some time to find ways to praise God for his faithfulness and goodness.

5. Engage

And, that's just the beginning. A Quiet Time is water to the roots, food for the soul, fuel to the engine of your heart. How can you love someone like Jesus today? How can you serve today? Consider it. Write it down. And ask God for strength to help you step into that. Godspeed & God bless!

I hope this Quiet Time method strengthens and encourages you in your faith. This framework is included in the free Overflow Quiet Time App. Check it out at

I love to spend time with God because I am greatly loved.

— from Cam Pak, a friend who loves a good Quiet Time with God

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