C. A. Hall

July 2, 2021

Status Update - July 1, 2020

Hello humans,

I'm going to keep this mailing list simple. This list is for sending out news...as in NEWSletter.

As much as I want to do something more creative with it, I've proven over and over again that it's not enough of a priority for me to maintain at that level.

I've switched to this service because it is run through HEY, which is the email service for my personal email. That means that you are receiving this from my personal email, and your replies go directly to my personal inbox. That's important to me. I want to create and to be involved in conversations; in relationships. So if you check out the stuff I make and share via this newsletter, then reply and tell me your thoughts. Or tell me your thoughts in general. (Or you can DM me on Instagram.)

Speaking of Instagram. I'm really putting in an effort to be actively engaged in Instagram. And I'm primarily focused on books. I'm not just posting photos, but I'm doing Reels for books hauls, posts for book highlights, IGTV videos for book reviews, and lots of stories. Books matter to me so I just want to lean in and enjoy sharing that love. I'm also making an effort to turn the camera on myself and to actually say things. These are necessarily important things, probably closer to a vlog than anything. But so many stories are passive and lacking in personality. I'm just thinking about it this way: I don't see my friends very often, can they watch my stories and at least have an idea of what's going on in my life? That's where I'm coming from. I'm also posting my reading status everyday in the stories. I've given up on resisting social media and I'm embracing what it can offer me. I'm always open to thoughts and ideas!

I also started another account @filmisflamable. It's not a daily active account. This is just for my thoughts on films I watch and I'm trying to watch at least one film a week.

New podcast episode: Fragments of Nothing

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