March 25, 2022


It feels weird. I used to give a hug, say bye, then leave. But now I think it’s a bit more challenging to do so – to say goodbyes. Is this even a thing?

Does this happen as we grow older and realize how much more valuable time is? Especially time with parents, family, and friends. Does this happen because we recognize that our parents aren’t getting any younger and our time with them is even more limited every day and week?

On a similar note, I have a little puppy who depends on me, so it feels like I’m running away from him. But the reality is that I’m just traveling because I’m running a marathon, so maybe I’m not running away after all.

I’m afraid I’ll miss a few weeks of his development, that he will be so much bigger when I’m back, that he might not remember me or dislike me because he felt that I left him behind.

There is no reasonable explanation for this, as it’s difficult to understand what a puppy is honestly thinking or feeling.

I think I will reframe the situation and consider the positive side of this trip:
  • Seeing and spending time with friends I haven’t seen in years
  • Traveling and discovering new places again
  • Running a marathon one more time

What matters is being present, and this is my present now.

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