March 19, 2022

Take the smallest step

Small steps lead to more significant actions. Therefore, we can say that small steps lead to big goals.

We can approach most goals using similar approaches because most follow identical processes. When we figure out how to work towards small goals, we also figure out how to work towards achieving bigger goals.

Small and big goals are different in the way we feel and think about them, but they are similar in the grand scheme of things. They are simply goals we want to achieve.

We create, design, and follow processes, systems, rituals, and routines.

We rely on discipline at first, then that becomes consistency at last.

Working towards any goal becomes second nature at some point because we've carved down a path and have an idea about where we need to go.

We visualize, we imagine, and we dream.

Most of us do this most days before letting our bodies do the work.

We visualize how a workout session or an event in our life will be before our bodies take action. We're preparing our minds to cope with any pain, blocker, or wall that we might hit during the experience. This preparation lets us mentally fortify our bodies before putting ourselves into it.

I used to do this with soccer, and I still do it in most areas of my life.

It's worked so far.

Visualize; create systems, rituals, and routines; and take the minor step ahead. You will soon find yourself at the end of the route celebrating.

The goal is to get started.

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