Chris Witko

March 14, 2021

"Hey World!" - Weekend Edition #1

Hello everyone. You might not know this, but journaling is my passion. I write one very personal, old school version - pen and paper. I thought it would be great to make this one public and share my thoughts, interesting articles, and books worth reading and movies worth seeing. It’s going to be published weekly (every Sunday).

A year ago I moved to Spain with my husband. We found a nice place in Sant Feliu de Guixols, a small city located on Costa Brava in Catalonia. This weekend we went for a short trip to visit a few small towns and villages located nearby. We are still in partial lockdown, and there are some mobility restrictions. These limitations pushed us to learn more about our “comarca” and visit many unique places located nearby.

Ahh, please forgive me for my English, French, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, or Polish mix in this and future posts. That’s what it is, a mix of everything.

  1. Monocle Weekend Edition: During the coming days Meg’s house will have to be readied for sale and then, in a few months’ time, completely emptied and the keys handed to a new owner. But how do you start packing up a life when everything you catch sight of suddenly seems so imbued with meaning? As we stand there looking around, wondering which cupboard to open first, we imagine avoiding all of the looming decisions by simply keeping everything as it is.

  2. 76.1 kg

  3. We launched our new project 

  4. Issey Miyake - IM MEN

  5. KVRTSTVFF - black premium compression shorts

  6. Where are my socks?

  7. From a book I'm reading: Galeria Potworów by Agnieszka Osiecka

    "A tobie nogi z d... nie wyrastają, że nie możesz zejść do bufetu..."

  8. Coeur de Pirate

    "Et sur ta bouche, je m'exaspere
    Tes mots ne cherchent plus a me plaire
    Le soleil se couche sur des histories sans..."

  9. La rappresentante di lista

    Quella festa
    Quelle tue parole accese
    Tutto mi sembra normale

  10. The Denial of Death by Louise Gluck - I had left my passport at an inn we stayed at for a night or so whose name I couldn’t remember. This is how it began. The next hotel would not receive me. A beautiful hotel, in an orange grove, with a view of the sea. How casually you accepted the room that would have been ours, and, later, how merrily you stood on the balcony, pelting me with foil-wrapped chocolates. The next day you resumed the journey we would have taken together.

  11. This table lamp is beautiful - ÉMILE GALLÉ (1846-1904)

  12. How to cook and eat an artichoke - the artichoke is actually the bud of a thistle—a flower. The leaves (called "bracts") cover a fuzzy centre called the "choke", which sits on top of a meaty core, called the "heart".

    "What’s for lunch? I cook a lot on Sundays. Now is artichoke season, so I’ll make carciofi alla romana – it’s super easy to do and super good. I’ll always have something a little bit unhealthy too. In our neighbourhood we have very good, very naughty cookies. If I don’t have one of those, I’m going to have an ice cream."

  13. Baked feta pasta viral recipe

  14. The WHO declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020. But by Jan. 30, half of the world’s population was already living in a country with a confirmed Covid-19 case.

  15. Word of the week: contentohappy

  16. Tailwind + Twind = 🔥

  17. Pedestrain by Alex Wolfe - a monthly newsletter by Alex T. Wolfe featuring the people, routines, and connections we make as a result of moving throughout one’s everyday surroundings. In other words, it is for people who like to walk and move.

  18. George Orwell

    "Autobiography is only to to be trusted
    when it reveals something disgraceful.
    A man who gives a good account of himself
    is probably lying, since any life when viewed
    from the inside is simply a series of defeats."

  19. The Happy Reader - Vladimir Nabokov’s poem about Superman, ‘The Man of To-morrow’s Lament’, has been published for the first time courtesy of the Times Literary Supplement. The poem, which was rejected by the New Yorker in 1942 (thirteen years before the publication of Lolita), is written from the perspective of the Man of Steel as he reflects sadly on the complexities of his relationship with Lois Lane.

  20. Interview Magazine - "Very David Hockney, but gayer."

  21. What to watch this week: It’s a Sin

  22. Encore une historie - La cite d'Angele - partie 7

  23. Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended - Silvia Calderoni and Paul B. Preciado - by Gucci

  24. Jack Dorsey began programming Twitter (13.03.2006)

  25. Gay Bar by Jeremy Atherton Lin - Jeremy Atherton Lin’s Gay Bar is one of those wonderfully unclassifiable books. It is partly a memoir of going out, partly a meditation on the past and future of the Gay Bar and partly a deeply affecting love story.  Ranging from L.A. to Blackpool, via San Francisco and Shoreditch, this is a book about love, dancing, and resistance.

  26. Onigiri holder, by Hakoya. A staple of the school bento (lunchbox), the onigiri is a seaweed-wrapped rice ball, usually triangular. These cases keep them in perfect order.

  27. Dinner venue you can’t wait to get back to? Nino in Rome.

  28. Explore the beguiling real-life set of Julius Sevcik’s wartime drama ‘The Affair’ - Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich’s Villa Tugendhat plays a starring role

  29. Ryoji Ikeda’s largest European show opens at 180 Studios, 180 The Strand in May - get your early-bird tickets

Thanks for reading. Talk to you next weekend.