Christina Warren

March 5, 2021

Hello World...Again

Hello! This is probably the 40th blogging-esque platform that I’ve used/paid for/tried over the last 15+ years, but I love what the team at Hey are building, so why the hell not.

Blogging and newsletter and personal expression have changed so much over the last few years, while still remaining fundamentally the same. More and more, I’m convinced that it’s important to truly own/control the platforms you use for your own communications. It’s why I’ve been squatting on a Substack URL for nearly three years, and it’s why I’m not quite sure I’ll use HEY World as an anything more than a place to potentially syndicate content.

Still, I'm intrigued by a tool that lowers the barrier to entry to blogging, while being a throwback all the same. I remember in high school, there was a post by email feature built into LiveJournal. I could just email a certain URL and my post would show up. Later on, SMS posting was even possible. As I’ve long said, Brad Fitzpatrick was so far ahead of the curve, it’s scary.

Anyway, it’s odd that I’m now able to blog the same way I did 20 years ago, but yet here we are anyway.


See you later!


(This is how I used to end my blogs when I was in high school and college)