March 29, 2021

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ missing and loving animals

yesterday, I had the completely silly experience of meeting a pack of 5 alpacas

alpaca approach compressed.gif

I learned alpacas are an entirely domesticated breed, and are distant relatives of the camel 🐫. They like being around people, but don't particularly like being petted/touched ⛔👉🏻👈🏻⛔

a group of alpacas is actually called a herd, but I think a pack o' alpacas sounds funnier

It was completely joyful and emotionally restorative, and highlighted how intensely without animals I have been during the pandemic. Normally, I do okay on a steady diet of dog-sitting and finding my way to dogs anywhere and everywhere (see: dream facial), but obviously there's been none of that the past year:
(photos pre-March 2020 😭)

So when a local veterinarian heard I was wild about all things furry and funny, he offered to have me meet his own personal pack of furry funny ones.

I love that domesticated animals pretty much follow the rule of loving as long as loving is to be had (and food). At the end of the day, all we're really here to do is feel safe and secure in our bodies. We do this by eating some food, getting rest, pursuing good feelings, loving, and doing some loving. So being around animals feels emotionally regulating because these needs and motivations are completely transparent, which is not always the case with good ole human beans and their beliefs in power and property, ego and entitlement, complicated traumas, long memories, and convoluted paths to self-actualization

"why don't u have a dog already". BELIEVE ME I'm trying! But I'm waiting for the right doggie and the right time, so any and all adoption tips please let me know. Because I'm never happier than when:
(as captured and posted to Dogspotting by a ♪ stranger ♪)